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 Our synthetic winch line is far superior to wire winch line.  Amsteel Blue Winch line is made from Samson's 12-strand single braid Dyneema SK75 fiber.  Some of the strongest fiber in the world!  Our winch line is coated with polyurethane for color and UV protection and is commonly used in the marine industry as it does not mildew and floats on water.  Which, combined with it's strength and durability, make it an excellent option for use in the ATV and 4x4 industry.  

Our  Amsteel Blue ATV and 4x4 winch lines come standard with a stainless steel thimble that has large sides to cover the line to minimize damage at the eye, and we utilize a movable 5 foot line protector that can easily be placed where needed during winching.   You have the opportunity to add heavy duty sling hooks with safety latches, fairleads, winch savers, and more to step it up even further.

WHY is Amsteel Blue™ Synthetic rope BETTER than steel wire line/cable?
  • STRONGER than Wire Cable, AmSteel, OR Steel
  • Size-for-Size Strength Replacement for Wire at Only 1/7th the Weight
  • NO Splinters/Easy to Handle 
  • Highly Abrasion/Fatigue/Wear Resistant
  • Torque-Free
  • Dyneema SK-75 HMPE Fiber With a Class 2 12-Strand Splice
  • NO Kinks
  • NO Curls
  • Easily Inspected and Field Spliced
  • Floats
  • Very Low Stretch/Similar Elastic Elongation to Wire Rope
  • Superior Flexibility
  • NO Rusting


We sell custom sizes and lengths of rope to fit any need,
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